Can You Grow a Cherry Tree from a Cherry Pit?

How to plant cherry seeds? Almost everyone has heard of this legend, but few individuals have taken the time and energy to test it. After all, many don’t make the connection between a large and beautiful cherry tree and the small hardy pits that are spat out during regular fruit consumption. The truth is that it is possible to grow an entire tree using a single cherry pit, although it will take some work. Before attempting to grow a cherry tree, remember these trees only grow in hardiness zones 5-9 and will thus not bloom in climates that are too hot or too cold.

How to Plant Cherry Seeds from a Pit

Cherries bought from the grocery store are unlikely to produce healthy pits that will spawn a new tree. Instead, grab some cherries from a local tree or head to a farmer's market.

Pit Preparation

Pits that have been exposed should be soaked in a bowl full of warm water for five minutes and then scrubbed to remove pulp and leftover fruit.

After ten weeks, it's time to remove the pits from the fridge and prepare them for planting. Allow the pits to warm up to room temperature, and then divide them into groups of two and three. Each group of seeds should be planted in a separate container using a planting medium.

Facts about How To Plant Cherry Seeds

How to Plant Cherry Seeds: How To Take Care

First and foremost is making sure the saplings are planted in well-drained soil that will allow for root growth. These fruit trees need to be kept separated for maximum root expansion.

How to Plant Cherry Seeds: Recommended Varieties For Planting

Most cherry trees are planted in late spring, but some varieties grow well through the summer and fall as well.

Can You Grow a Cherry Tree from a Cherry Pit?

It is possible to grow a cherry tree from a cherry pit. You need to research some local varieties and find a farmer's market. You will also need to plant more than one tree if you enjoy sweet cherries, because these varieties do not self-pollinate.