Cat Palm vs Majesty Palm – 5 Interesting Things

Discussing the differences between cat palm vs. majesty palm is essential to help new plant owners who tend to confuse between the two.

What Is The Difference Between A Cat Palm And A Majesty Palm?

Leaf Texture And Design The two plants have similar leaves, but they differ in size and texture. 

Leaf Size The cat palm has small leaves that grow in a clump shape, while the majesty palm grows up to 10 feet in height.

Height And Structure The cat palm has soft fronds that are a little in the way of the stems ...

That overall difference between cat palm vs. majestic palm is the one in the growing requirements that include

Growing Requirements For Cat Palm Vs. Majesty Palm

Water requirements – Both plants love water and don’t like to dry out completely. 

Soil requirements – The soil for both palm plants must be well-draining and slightly moist.   ...

Pests And Diseases Issue In Cat Palm Vs. Majesty Palm

Both palms are equally susceptible to spider mites, especially in low humidity. 

The Cat Palm is a beautiful indoor palm plant that creates an outstanding backdrop in your living space. 

What Is A Cat Palm Tree?

Cat palm plant is called so because its official name is cataract palm. So cat palm is short for Cataract.

Why Is It Called Cat Palm?

The majesty palm tree or Ravenea rivularis is quite a large tree in its natural environment.

What Is Majesty Palm Tree?

Majesty palms thrive indoors when provided with the proper care. It is slightly difficult to maintain, requiring plenty of time devoted to its maintenance. 

Are Majesty Palms Indoor Or Outdoor Plants?

Cat palm vs. majesty palm have their differences, but they both belong to the palm family. They both do well indoors and outdoors, but each has a more favorable growth journey that outweighs the other.


Cat Palm vs Majesty Palm – 5 Interesting Things