Choose The Best Outdoor Ant Killer

For the better part of their existence, ants are wired to constitute a nuisance in your yard, bite you, your unsuspecting kids, pets and even advance further to destroy your lawn. Their activities if not contained, can lead them to think they are welcomed and so are free to proceed into the main house.

5 Best Outdoor Ant Killers 

This Terro liquid sugar ant bait is a premium choice in the total destruction of outdoor ants. With the bait as sugar, ants will be excited to run into their doom. It is made from the insecticide borax and works optimally within 24 – 48 hours. 

1. Terro Liquid Ant Bait

The Amdro Home Perimeter outdoor ant killer isn’t in a liquid form like the Terro but does the same work of decimating an entire ant colony regardless of their specie. It comes in the form of granules baited with 88% Hydramethylnon. With this chemical in it, bugs and ants are helpless when they come in contact with it. 

2. Amdro Home Perimeter

3. Ortho Orthene Outdoor Ant Killer

The Ortho Orthene outdoor ant killer is specifically designed for fire ants that make up some of the most deadly insects you can ever have around your home. One sting or bite from this insect can cause your body to react to the effect, which can be a very ...

Ortho Home defense is an insect killer super pack. They destroy pests in general and not just ants. From noisy crickets to spiders and from ticks to moles, the ortho home defense is truly a defender. If offers three months of protection for your home. Three months of uninterrupted fun around your yard from insects. 

4. Ortho Home Defense Max Insect Killer Granules

Beyond just ants, the Bayer advanced outdoor ant killer can also terminate the existence fleas, ticks, mites, spiders and cockroaches around your home. It also offers three months of protection from outdoor ants and other insects.

5. Bayer Advanced Ant Killer Plus

Choose The Best Outdoor Ant Killer

The Best Outdoor Ant Killer according to our assessment is being given to the Terro liquid Bait Outdoor Ant Killer. It offers the most prompt results and is weatherproof. It can also kill different species of outdoor ants. Its downsides can be managed and termed negligible.