Combining Two Plants In One Pot- A Gardener Guide To Take Care of Your Plants

When combining two plants in one pot we can create a system where, if we choose the right plants, they benefit each other! I also find that mixed pots just look better.

What Are The Benefits Of Combining Two Plants In One Pot?

Some plants need a bigger plant to protect and shelter them.


There are many places where having two or more plants in a pot can help various plants meet their needs for protection from harsh sunlight, maintenance of a microclimate, and root health.

Ground Cover


There is something beautiful about a pot garden with various different leaf colors and structures present. 

I once visited a guy in Slovakia who had a garden on his balcony. He had potted maize plants with runner beans growing on them. 


In nature, we often find that if a catastrophe happens and a piece of land ends up clear of vegetation that a succession of plants will move in and recover the soil.

Succession Planting

I hope this article has helped you understand the benefits of combining two plants in one pot and how you can mimic nature using this system. 


Combining Two Plants In One Pot