Common Weeds In New England

Gardeners constantly struggle with common weeds in New England that invade their gardens and cause stiff competition with their plants...

Types Of Weeds

1. Normal Weed 2. Noxious Weed 3. Invasive Weed

Poison Sumak  Cloverleaf  Clover  Ground elder Poison Ivy  Purslane  Broad-leaved dock  Oxalis Japanese knotweed  Stinging nettle  Groundsel Marestail Crabgrass 

Most Common Weeds In New England

Curly dock Lesser celandine Bindweed Dandelion  Wild madder  Hairy bittercress  Spurge Giant ragweed  Orange jewelweed  Red-dead nettle  Herb Robert Plantain plants  Bittersweet 

Common self-heal Rosebay willowherb Common ragweed Horsetail weed Creeping buttercup Herb

Bennet Hedge bindweed Common daisy Cat’s ear Common horsetail Ground ivy Creeping speedwell Cleavers

The best way to control weeds is by prevention.  There are ways you can prevent the use of herbicides by using non-chemical weed control methods...

Ways To Prevent Weeds Before They Become An Enormous Problem

Common Weeds In New England

Nature abhors a vacuum and allowing certain low-growing weeds to keep growing can be beneficial.  These plants can occupy space and act like green mulch to prevent certain types of more invasive weeds from growing...