Comparison Between Macho Fern Vs. Boston Fern

These two plants have a similar growth habit and they both come in a variety of colors and sizes.  These are very popular ferns that most plant lovers grow on their gardens, porches, or patios.

What Is The Difference Between Macho Fern Vs. Boston Fern

Boston fern and macho fern are both types of fern. Though they belong to the same class of ferns, they have their differences that we will ...

Macho fern grows slowly. It takes about 7 years to reach full maturity. Boston fern, on the other hand, grows faster and reaches full maturity in just 4 years.

The Growth Rate

The Growth Habit

Boston fern has a spreading growth habit while macho fern tends to be more upright.

Boston fern has a more rounded shape while macho fern has an elongated shape. Boston fern leaves have a flat shape. On the other hand, macho fern leaves are more rounded. Macho ...

The Leaf Shape

Do macho fern and Boston fern have any similarities that make them stand out as plants of the same family?  Here are some similarities you can spot in ...

Similarities Of Macho Fern Vs. Boston Fern

There are only a few differences and similarities between macho fern vs. Boston fern.  Knowing their differences will help you grow the right fern in your collection of plants both outdoors and indoors.


Comparison Between Macho Fern Vs. Boston Fern