Copper Fungicide Vs Neem Oil: Let’s Compare

The big dilemma in organic gardening has to be copper fungicide vs neem oil; which pesticide is better for you and your garden?

How To Choose The Best Pesticide

There are thousands of pesticides on the market. Some are granulated and used around the established plant; others are liquid and sprayed on the foliage. So, copper ...

Conventional gardening includes the use of synthetic pesticides that are chemically modified. Organic pesticides are derived from natural ingredients and involve little to no ...

Synthetic Or Organic?

Copper Fungicide Vs Neem Oil

Copper fungicide works by killing pathogens on the plant’s surface before they’re a visible pest or develop into a major infestation. It takes one to two days to notice ...

Copper fungicide is a liquid solution made from copper and chemical additives that help dissolve the metal. Copper is soluble and penetrates the plant’s leaves to kill any ...

What Is Copper Fungicide

Neem oil is vegetable oil, a natural product made from an evergreen tree called Azadirachta indica. This tree is native to the tropical regions of Sri Lanka, India, and Malaysia.

What Is Neem Oil

There’s no clear winner in the battle of copper fungicide vs neem oil. Copper fungicide is more effective as a preventative, but it also comes with more risk.


Copper Fungicide Vs Neem Oil: Let’s Compare