Dicamba Herbicide For Creeping Charlie: 2 Bonus Tips To Get Rid Of Weeds

Using dicamba herbicide for creeping Charlie is a great way to get rid of this invasive weed for good. This pesticide stimulates the plant’s growth hormone leading to excessive growth and dead. 

What Is Creeping Charlie

Creeping Charlie or Glechoma hederacea is an invasive weed not native to North America. 

Creeping Charlie spreads immensely fast over your turf, garden, and walls. 

Why Is Creping Charlie Bad For Your Garden

Registered in 1967, the dicamba herbicide for creeping Charlie and other weeds is a powerful tool. But what is dicamba herbicide?

What Is Dicamba Herbicide

How It Works

The dicamba herbicide for creeping Charlie is highly effective on broadleaf plants. All plant parts, including leaf, stem, and roots, absorb the herbicide. 

Dicamba is rated as low toxicity. However, if you inhale it, it can cause nausea, dizziness, irritate the throat and lead to coughing.

Is It Safe

If left untreated, weeds like creeping Charlie can invade your whole garden. The perfect time to apply herbicide is fall. 

Best Time To Apply Dicamba Herbicide

Dicamba herbicide for creeping Charlie can be airborne and affect other plants. Therefore, manufacturers try to pair this highly effective herbicide with ingredients that prevent volatility.

Alternative Ways To Kill Creeping Charlie

In combination with Epsom salt, white vinegar can be very effective for creeping Charlie. Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and a generous amount of salt. 


You’ll need 5 oz Borax, 1.5 gallons of water, and a spray bottle for this solution. First, dissolve the Borax in 5 oz warm water and then add the rest of it.


Dicamba kills creeping Charlie in 2 to 3 weeks after application. 


Does dicamba kill creeping Charlie?

Dicamba kills creeping Charlie in 2 to 3 weeks after application. 

What is Dicamba herbicide?

Dicamba effectively kills a wide range of broadleaf weeds like morning glory and creeping Charlie, but it doesn't affect grasses.

What does dicamba herbicide kill?

Dilute dicamba according to the manufacturer's instructions and use it as a spot treatment.

How much dicamba does it take to kill creeping Charlie?

Invasive weeds can be the death of your garden. They spread out fast, consuming all the moisture and nutrients from the soil and overtaking the roots of other plants. But the good news is you can safely remove them!


Dicamba Herbicide For Creeping Charlie