Do Cyclamen Plants Come Back Every Year

Adding cyclamens to your landscape is a wonderful way to add some splash of color and unique texture, but do cyclamen plants come back every year?

Growing Cyclamens

The cyclamen plant belongs to the Primrose family and originated in Persia. It grows around the Mediterranean, and it’s often been mentioned throughout history. It’s known as the flower of love and empathy.

Cyclamens are grown from tubers. Tubers, like bulbs, are round-shaped modified stems that store the seed and energy for growing the plant. They’re best planted in early fall. Cyclamens like neutral or alkaline, loose, and well-draining soil. Plant the tubers right below the surface of the ground. Space out tubers at least 6 inches from one another.

How, When, And Where To Plant

Caring For A Flowering Cyclamen

Cyclamens can bloom continuously anytime from fall to spring. So if you’re gifted blooming cyclamen, you can keep it blossoming for months forward. Since cyclamen are native to the Mediterranean, they require the same conditions to be prolific.

Some varieties of cyclamen are hardy and can survive outdoors. However, regular potted cyclamen sold by flower shops during the holiday season should not be placed outside.

Are Cyclamen Plants Outdoor Or Indoor Flowers?

The cyclamen will bloom for at least 5 weeks when fitted with optimal conditions. Each flower lasts for up to a week. If you take good care and remove dead flowers regularly, the plant will produce new flowers. Cyclamen flowers can survive 6 days to 2 weeks in a vase with nothing but water.

How Long Does A Cyclamen Flower Last?

When flowers mature and petals fall out, you can spot how the bulb transforms into a seeds pod. The seeds are covered with a sticky coating that attracts insects. As the stem evolves, it dries and bends to the ground. This is the plant’s natural method of self-reproducing.

Can You Get Seeds From Cyclamen?

Many people throw away the cyclamen after it’s finished blooming. Unfortunately, like with all popular holiday plants, it’s not clear that cyclamen go dormant. After the blooming period is over, the plant will dry out. But it’s not dead! Let the leaves dry out – don’t cut them.

Are Cyclamen Plants Perennials?

Cyclamens are the perfect gift that keeps on giving. They’re tuberous perennials that come back every year for decades.


Do Cyclamen Plants Come Back Every Year