Do Deer Eat Begonias?- A General Study

Before anything else, it will be critical for a gardener to find out do deer eat begonias if you plan on growing them in your garden.

Do Deer Eat Begonias?

Begonias are not deer’s first choice of food.  But they still eat them if they are hungry enough, and they are the only convenient plants available. A hungry deer is an indiscriminative feeder. 

Having learned that these animals still eat begonias if they happen to be the only ones on sight, let’s see how we can protect them.

How To Protect Your Begonias From Deer

1. Use Deer Repellant.  Deer repellant is available in several options – you can make your own or purchase it online.

2. Fence your Garden.  Fencing is another option that helps protect your begonias.

3. Grow Plants and Flowers that Deer do not Like. This is a very natural way to protect your begonias by surrounding them with other plants and flowers that keep deer away.

4. Plant your Begonias Close to Home.  A final way to protect your begonias is to plant them close to your house.  This will enable you to see any deer activity and scare them away.

Rabbits.  They are also known to eat begonias.

Besides Deer What Else Harms Begonias

Aphids.  They are the primary enemy of your begonias.

Snails and slugs.  These are also enemies of begonias.

Keeping deer, rabbits, and other animals away from destroying your begonias is important and requires some effort. But these beautiful flowers are worth every effort you put in.  Plus you cannot just sit back and watch deer devour your plants with no mercy.