Do Deer Eat Marigolds? – An In-depth Look 

Do deer eat marigolds, or do they help keep these destructive animals away from your garden and plants?

Will Deer Eat Marigolds?

Deer do eat marigolds!  But the good news is you can take some precautions to ensure this does not happen to your marigolds.

Precautions You Can Take to Protect Your Marigold and Other Plants

Marigolds do not have the same scent – some are mild, while others have a strong scent.   Marigold flowers are made up of 50 different species, with new varieties and hybrids being developed all the time.

Choose The Right Marigolds That Deer Will Not Eat

Eliminate Other Plants That Deer Love to Eat

Plants that deer love will always attract them to your garden. If you remove them, you will be giving your marigold a chance to grow and thrive. 

Landscaping your yard well is another way to deter deer.  Keep your bushes and trees well-trimmed and any densely populated areas. 

Eliminate Easy Hiding Spot

Use Deer Deterrents

Now that we know the strongly scented marigolds can deter these animals, make sure you plant them around your garden.  

To ascertain if deer will eat marigolds, we suggest you plant one marigold in a deer visited area to test their taste buds.  If in a couple of weeks, there are no bites, go ahead and plant more.