Do Deer Eat Snapdragons – An Overview

Do deer eat snapdragons or they also revere them for having magical powers that were used in witchcraft in the past days?

What Are Snapdragons?

Snapdragons are native to Spain and known by many names throughout Europe.

Yes and no. No plant is 100% deer-proof.  However, deer will only eat some plants, as a last resort and snapdragons are one such plant.

Are Snapdragons Deer Resistant?

Deer will eat almost anything they come across especially during spring.  However, in a season when there is plenty of food, they love to eat narrow-leaf evergreens, especially fir and arborvitae.

Plants That Deer Like To Eat

Plants That Deer Do Not Like To Eat

Bear in mind, no plant is completely deer-proof.  When food is in short supply, deer will eat almost any kind of plant and shrub. 

Scare them away.  Deer are frightened away by sudden movement and loud noises.  You can hang wind chimes at the tree branches or shrubs in the garden or place wind spinners throughout your garden. 

Deer Proofing Tip

If there is one enemy gardeners have in common, it is the unwelcomed deer and the cousin rabbit.  For many, these two are some of the most destructive animals you can ever come across.