Do Snakes Like Rubber Mulch? - Facts

Rubber mulch is a great option for gardeners who want to create a natural-looking, weed-free, low-maintenance area in their garden.

What is Rubber Mulch?

More often than not, rubber mulch refers to that product made by removing the metal belts from vehicle tyres and then milling the left over rubber into pieces.

It is cheap, long-lasting, weed-free, and doesn’t require much maintenance.  Rubber mulch is durable. It lasts for years in most conditions, including wet and dry climates.

What Makes Rubber Mulch So Great?

Do Snakes Like Rubber Mulch?

There are a huge number of different species of snakes on the planet and trying to make some overall generalisation about whether they do, or do not like rubber mulch is a bit of a stretch.

Snakes are predators. Some species of snakes specialise in eating slugs, snails and small insects. Do not worry yourself about these – they are more scared of you than you should be of them.

How Do I Protect My Garden From Snakes?

Some snakes may, some may not. If you have rats and mice around, the chances are that you will find more snakes in your garden, and you will definitely see these snakes more easily if they are sunning themselves on the warm surface of some rubber mulch than if they are hiding in some leaves


Do Snakes Like Rubber Mulch