Do Tomatoes Have Deep Roots?- Expert Guide To Take Care of Your Tomatoe Plant

Do tomatoes have deep roots? Sometimes yes. Do they need deep roots – not really if you feed them well. Read more to find out about how to grow amazing tomatoes in deep soil.

Tomatoes 101

Tomatoes come in two broad categories. Determinate tomatoes grow to a specific size, form fruit, and die.

Tomatoes are heavy feeders. They are actually one of the only plants I have ever seen that can grow on pure manure! 

How To Mix Soil For Tomatoes

Pot Size For Growing Tomatoes

If you need to buy pots buy square pots such as these. The reason we use a square pot is simple – a square pot allows you to fit more soil in a small space.

You have earthworms in the pot – so you can place kitchen scraps on the surface of the soil if you wish. Earthworms love squash, rice, mashed potatoes, and various other foods.

Feeding Your Tomatoes

These worms help to move your soil around, and plants seem to just grow better in pots that have earthworms in them. Place 10-20 worms in a pot.


If you are going to grow “nutrient-fed” tomatoes, you can grow them in shallow bags and just drip-feed their nutrients and water.


Do Tomatoes Have Deep Roots?