Do Yellow Jackets Kill Honeybees?

Yellow jackets and honeybees are not friends because one is an enemy of the other, do yellow jackets kill honeybees, or do we just misinterpret them?

Yellow jackets belong to the wasp and hornet family.  They are invasive pests that attack honeybees.

So What Are These Yellow Jackets That Kill Honeybees?

How Do Yellow Jackets Affect Honeybees?

The yellow jacket wasps are notorious for eating honey and destroying honeycomb. 

Lack of food is the major problem that causes these destructive pests to invade the beehives.  The smell of honey attracts these insects from afar due to the pheromones produced by bees.

What Attracts These Yellow Jackets To Kill Honeybees?

Keeping Yellow Jackets From Your Beehives

Beekeepers have several measures they put in place to prevent yellow jackets from accessing the hive.  They include ...

Every farmer’s dream is to keep honeybees because they are becoming rare in America and they are highly beneficial to your garden.  Not forgetting the abundant healthy honey they give us.