Do You Know What Do Daisies Look Like?

If you are a newbie to gardening, you might be wondering what daisies look like and the different types to grow around your yard.  If this is you, some common daisies we will look at might be of interest to you.

What Do Daisies Look Like – Different Types?

These daisies are most loved for attracting honey bees and butterflies to your garden.  

Aster Daisy

It is also known as the lawn daisy or the common daisy.

English Daisy

They are commonly known as black-eyed Susans or brown-eyed Susans. 

Gloriosa Daisy

This daisy produces large flowers with pink, yellow, orange, and red petals.  

African Daisy

The Blue Marguerite daisy is a South African native known for its blue petals and a bright yellow center. 

Blue Marguerite Daisy

Commonly known as the Paris Daisy, this variety is native to the Canary Islands. 

Marguerite Daisy

They are rich in pollen and attract large numbers of bees. 

Cape Daisy

These daisies are a hybrid since the early days of 1890. 

Shasta Daisy

These daisies are native to the tropical regions of Africa, South America, and Asia. 

Gerbera Daisy

These daisies grow up to 24 inches tall and bloom from summer through fall.  

Indian Chrysanthemum Daisy

These daisies are perennial ornamental flowers that love the sun just like other daisies

Purple Coneflower

These are some of the showiest daisies cultivars you will ever get in the daisy family.

Crazy Daisies

Golden Feverfew Daisies

Golden feverfew daisies are a popular variety that has classic white petals and yellow centers.

Daisies are a type of flowering plant that belongs to one of the most prominent plant families in the world.  The most common type of daisy flowers that most people recognize are the common ones with white petals and a yellow center. 


Do You Know What Do Daisies Look Like?