Does Aloe Grow Back After It Breaks?

Aloe is one of the most popular house plants. It is easy to grow, inexpensive, and beautiful. This plant will thrive in a sunny window with good light and regular water. 

Does Aloe Grow Back After It Breaks?

Yes. The plant will grow back but you will get a smaller plant. If you want to grow a larger plant, cut it off at the base.  Cutting the broken off at the base will give you a larger plant because it will shoot again from the base.

Caring For Your Aloe Plant

Provide It With The Right Temperature. Aloe needs a lot of sunlight and fresh air. It prefers a temperature between 65° F and 75° F (18° C and 24° C). The roots like the soil to be moist but not wet.

 In order to keep your aloe healthy, it needs regular water. Water the plant regularly, but don’t let it sit in water for too long

Provide Adequate Watering

The aloe plant does not have a lot of pests or diseases and there are few that can be harmful. The most common pest is the aloe mite.

Keep Pests And Diseases Away

To ensure your aloe plant has enough nutrients, it should be fertilized regularly. Fertilizers come in liquid or granular form. 

Fertilize Your Plants

So does aloe grow back after breaking? Yes, it will start growing again in a few months. However, it does not grow back as strong as before it broke. 


Does Aloe Grow Back After Breaking?