Does An Aloe Vera Plant Plant Attract Bugs?

Does Aloe vera attract bugs or is this another gardening myth?

How to get rid of bugs in my aloe vera plant?

Aloe vera does not have a history of being attacked by bugs rather it is known to repel them from its presence and the garden around where its grows. 

What bugs are attracted to aloe?

Generally it will just be some sort of creature that uses the aloe as a nice home to hide in.

What animals eat aloe vera plants?

There are a few beetle species that can eat them. Sometimes when they grow fast you will find snails may rasp away a bit at fresh leaves. 

Try bite a leaf - there are bitter compounds in the skin.

So, does Aloe vera attract bugs? Aloe vera  is not particularly attractive or repellant to bugs. 

Does An Aloe Vera Plant Plant Attract Bugs?

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