Does Oregano Come Back Every Year?

Oregano, also referred to as wild marjoram, or the joy of the mountain, originates from the Greek countryside and now grows across the world. Oregano is one of the must-have herbs in your culinary garden.

What is Oregano?

Oregano is a herb that grows indoors or outdoors when given the right conditions requiring low maintenance. It comes in two varieties – the Mediterranean and Mexican.

Oregano is a hardy perennial that returns year after year.  It thrives in a warm climate and does not require much maintenance. Perennial means it will come back ...

Does Oregano Come Back Every Year?

Growing Oregano is easy, but there are important aspects to consider.  They include:

How to Grow Oregano Every Year

Where to grow Oregano

Oregano is commonly grown along a path or within the landscape.  It is best grown as a garden anchor because it comes back every spring and provides height and dimension to ...

Use soil that is well-drained and light.  This herb thrives in moderately fertile soil with no fertilizer or compost needed. Grow your oregano in partial to full sunlight but ...

Cultivating Oregano

You will know your Oregano is ready for harvesting once the stems are at least 4 inches tall.  If you aren’t drying out your herbs by the bunch, you only need to harvest the ...

Harvesting Oregano

Does Oregano Come Back Every Year?

Now that you know the difference between oregano coming back every year and not cutting it down when it is resting from growth, you can take better care of your plant.