Easy Guideline To Keeping Healthy Sunflower Leaves

Read on to find out how you can save beneficial insects such as bees while controlling irritating bugs eating your sunflower leaves.

A Quick Overview Of Sunflowers

When we talk about Sunflowers, we typically refer to Helianthus annus – the common sunflower.

We all know the honeybee and the bumblebees – both of which are important pollinators.

The Problem With Pesticides On Sunflowers


This is a class of pesticides that has grown hugely in popularity globally since the 1990s.

Biocontrols use natural pathogens and predators of pests to control them.

Biocontrols To Stop Bugs Eating Your Sunflower Leaves

Cutworms comprise many species that have this irritating habit of climbing out.

Early-stage: – Cutworms Chopping The Leaves Off At The Ground

Later Stage: – Caterpillars Eating Leaves

There is a big difference between having a large-scale planting and a small-scale planting.

When we have tens or hundreds of acres of sunflowers, the methods we can use to control caterpillars are different from that on a small scale.

Sunflowers are beautiful plants that bring great joy to our lives and gardens.

Easy Guideline To Keeping Healthy Sunflower Leaves

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