Examples Of Stem Tubers – What Are They?

 As far as examples of stem tubers go, nothing compares to the delicious humble potato! But there are many others, and these stem tubers are an integral part of our diet conferring joy and health to our meals.

What Are Tubers?

Tubers are large storage organs that plants use to store water and nutrients for times when conditions are not favorable. Broadly speaking we get stem tubers and root tubers.

A stem tuber is an enlarged stem. These are often a bit squat and fat and tend to store water, starch, and sometimes sugar. 

A Closer Look At Stem Tubers Before We Get Into Examples Of Stem Tubers.

Examples Of Stem Tubers: 1 The Potato

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These are tough plants. They grow in wet boggy areas and are beautiful to look at. Some have a variegated leaf, others a normal leaf. The root tubers store well. 

Examples Of Stem Tubers: 2 The Yam/Madumbe

You will find some people referring to ginger and sweet potatoes as examples of stem tubers. These are rhizomes and root tubers respectively. 

No: Ginger and Sweet Potatoes Are Not Stem Tubers

Whether a sweet potato or ginger root is an example of a stem tuber or not, this does not mean that you should not grow these awesome root tubers and rhizomes respectively. 


Examples Of Stem Tubers – What Are They?