Explore The Beauty Of France’s National Flower

Fleur de Lis, or iris as we know it, is the national flower of this romantic country, and it’s just as majestic as it sounds.

France’s National Flower

The sweet Iris, scientific name Iris pallida, is a paler iris with dark purple zebra stripes.

In Greek, iris means rainbow, which can refer to the over 200 kinds of this french flower.

Beautiful French Flower Names, Meaning, And Use

The aromatic lavender is a flowering shrub that takes pride in its versatility.

The French rose is not only the trademark of french lovers but also used in cosmetology as a fragrance.

French people buy cut flowers as a gift and for themselves to bring some color into their homes.

The French Flowers Etiquette

Roses are an excellent gift for a hostess or a centerpiece at your dinner table.

Make Your Own French Garden

If you don’t have a garden, consider planting lavender in a small pot to keep on your kitchen counter or window.

The french flowers are not humdrum; they’re majestic, statement-making, and fragrant.

Explore The Beauty Of France’s National Flower

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