Facts You Need To Know About Lavender Flowers

This beautiful plant, without a doubt one of the most popular plants on the planet because of its beautiful scent, is a thing of wonder.

What is a lavender flower?

Lavender is any flower from the Lavandula genus, usually growing in the Mediterranean, India, north and east Africa and the Canary Islands.

Yes, lavender is officially classified as a flower.

Does lavender count as a flower?

Is lavender a grass or a flower.

Lavender is definitely not grass. Even though they grow in massive fields and appear to grow like weed - lavender is definitely a flower.

Is lavender a herb or a plant?

Despite their herbaceous qualities and characteristics, lavenders aren't herbs.

A typical lavender can grow in the wild, almost as a weed, but it’s also often grown by gardeners.

Facts You Need To Know About Lavender Flowers

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