Garden Sand: Recreate The Japanese Gardens In 6 Steps

Garden sand is a crucial part of your beloved plants’ drainage, porosity, and well-being. But there’s one more reason you should consider adding sand. 

What Is Garden Sand

Sand is an inevitable part of the soil; it helps the plant receive more air and retain less moisture.

You can add garden sand to pots where you’ve planted top-heavy plants to keep them from tipping over.

Garden Sand Use

Japanese Zen Gardens

Dry landscape, zen garden, Japanese garden, or Karesansui gardens date back to the 11th century.

Garden sand is one of the main but not the only components that go into a zen garden.

Parts Of A Zen Garden

It’s worth mentioning that the stone gardens belong to the Chinese tradition. They stacked stones in an effort to create a dry mountain range.  

Are Zen Gardens Stone Gardens?

Put garden sand to good use and create your own serenity space in your backyard. How to make a sand garden from scratch? 1. Start by choosing a good spot. It has to be flat, not very spacious but make sure to measure it out ...

Turn Your Garden Into A Zen Paradise

Zen gardens are easy to upkeep, and the whole process is very calming.

Maintaining A Zen Garden

When you don’t have the space, a small, desktop zen garden can be a good option

Making A Desktop Zen Garden

Amazon, other online retailers and garden centers are the best spot to look for garden sand.


Where to buy zen garden sand?

Choose a flat spot in your garden and sketch the garden.

How to make a sand garden?

You can use garden sand that's been treated to prevent transferring any pathogens, microorganisms, and diseases to your plants. Don't use play sand, or sterilize it before using.

What sand can you use in the garden?

Once you’re done adding garden sand to your soil to improve its quality, it’s time to use it in landscaping.


Garden Sand: Recreate The Japanese Gardens In 6 Steps