Grow Your Avocado Tree Bonsai!

How to get started with growing your own avocado tree bonsai. You can make your own bonsai from an avocado tree using simple tools.

What Is An Avocado Tree Bonsai?

Bonsai trees are very small trees (typically 6-10 inches tall), usually made from a fast-growing species, grown in containers, and kept in pots. 

There are several ways to stake prune an avocado tree. One way to do it is by cutting off the lower branches with an axe or a hatchet. 

Stake Pruning An Avocado Tree Bonsai

What To Look Out For If Buying An Avocado Bonsai Tree?

When you buy an avocado bonsai, you can either plant it or just buy a mature one. Make sure that you choose a mature tree. It should look healthy. 

After you plant the seeds, the avocado bonsai takes two years to reach maturity, but only a few days after that, you can pick, slice, and eat it. 

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Mini Avocado Bonsai Tree?

It’s a bit of a tall order to expect an avocado tree to grow faster than it would if left ...

How Do You Make An Avocado Tree Grow Faster?

Avocado trees are usually grown in warm climates, where temperatures are above 65 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Do Avocado Trees Like The Full Sun?

While you can’t make an avocado tree grow a bonsai, there are many ways to make them more appealing to consumers.


Yes. Avocados can indeed grow outdoors if there is sufficient sunlight. However, they can also be grown indoors.

Can you make an avocado tree bonsai?

Can avocado trees grow indoors?

This is a fun little bonsai lesson, but the process of creating a bonsai tree involves more than just planting a seed, growing it for a year, and then pruning and repotting it into a bonsai pot.

How to bonsai avocado tree

An avocado tree grown in a pot indoors needs to be watered regularly. That may mean keeping the soil moist with a watering can, and it may mean watering the tree once a day. 

Mature avocado bonsai

The key to success with bonsai is to have patience, to be willing to accept that it will take some time, and be disciplined in your approach.


Grow Your Avocado Tree Bonsai!