Growing Loquat Trees In Pots

Growing loquat trees in pots is easy and a popular choice among many gardeners who want an attractive fruit-bearing tree.

Loquat Trees

Loquat fruits are oval, round, or pear-shaped 1-2 inches long with a smooth yellow or orange skin. The flesh is white, orange, or yellow depending on the cultivar. The fruit is juicy and thick-skinned which is a favorite to many.  It can be eaten fresh with the skin peeled off or turned into loquat jam.

– Choose a pot that is at least 600 mm wide. – Place it in full sun and fill it with a quality potting mix of your choice. – Take the shrub from the container and gently ease the roots into the pot.  If there are any tangled roots, cut them off. – Position the plant in a hole and fill it with the potting mix as you gently firm it down.  Water it generously to help it absorb the transplanting shock.

How to Grow Loquat Trees in Pots

- Fertilize the loquat trees 3 times a year in spring, winter, and autumn with 6-6-6 organic fertilizer. - Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers because they can reduce flowering.  After mid-summer, do not fertilize the trees. - Pruning loquats is important after harvesting.  Prune back the shoots to keep them free from growing too tall. Remove the dead, diseased, crossing branches and dense shoots that grow in the center of the plant.

How to Take Care of Loquat Trees in Pots

Growing Loquat Trees In Pots

Loquats are large evergreen small trees that can grow up to 20-30 feet tall but most of them only reach about 10 feet or slightly larger.   They are easy to grow!  They are loved for their production of sweet and tangy fruits that are plum-sized.