5 Amazing BenefiGrowing Micro-Greens Without Soilts of Gardening

Did you know growing microgreens without soil is something you can learn and do because they are simple to grow at home? Microgreens are smaller than baby plants but bigger than sprouts.

What You Need When Growing Micro-greens without Soil

Now that you want to grow your own microgreens without soil, it is good to know the basic necessities you will need. They include:

Use organic seeds that are specifically sold for growing microgreens. You can get these from nurseries and online retailers. 


To grow your microgreens you will need to have a tray. The tray should be thick, in perfect condition, and without any holes.


How to Grow Microgreens Hydroponically at Home

Prepare filtered water with a pH range of 5.5 – 6.5.  Get 10 x 20 plastic trays together with hydroponic growing pads. Pour in water and ensure the ...

Growing microgreens without soil need lesser water compared to growing them in the soil. Using the hydroponic system allows you to re-use the water ...

Benefits of Growing Micro-greens without Soil

You can grow them all year round for your nutrients Some microgreens varieties like kale, wheatgrass, kohlrabi produce a better crop in water than in soil

Here are two major benefits:

Growing Micro-Greens Without Soil

You have no excuse not to grow your own microgreens considering the kind of nutrients they offer you. Growing them is as simple as ABC.