Have You Noticed Thrips On Snake Plant? 

Thrips are common pests that affect many plants including snake plants. They feed on the foliage and cause leaves to curl up. Thrips are generally harmful and destructive to whatever plant they infest.

Infestation Of Thrips On Snake Plant

Thrips on snake plants are common in the UK and US as well. There are several different species of thrips that will attack the leaves and flowers of this plant.

They are also carriers of a number of viruses, such as tomato spotted wilt virus, tobacco virus, potato virus Y, and tobacco rattle virus. The main way that thrips cause damage to crops is by feeding on the leaves. 

Hosts Plants For Thrips On Snake Plant

What Do Thrips Look Like?

• Thrips have six legs, three pairs of wings, and two body segments. • The first segment is the head, which contains the mouthparts.

What Do Thrips Look Like?

• The second segment is the thorax, which houses the abdominal ganglia and the heart.

To know that your snake plants are under a thrip attack, check the leaves. If you see that the leaves are getting a lot of brown patches, then they are under a thrip attack. 

The Thrips On Snake Plant Damage

It is very easy to remove the thrips from the leaves. You just have to make a small cut in the center of the leaf and then lift out the thrips from the leaf. The thrips will fall off the leaf.

Removing The Thrips From The Leaves

It is common to notice thrips on snake plant.  However, this article teaches you how to eliminate them and take care of your plant until you are thrip free. Once you manage to eliminate these destructive pests, you will enjoy growing these plants.


Have You Noticed Thrips On Snake Plant?