Hobbit Jade Vs Gollum Jade: 3 Unexpected Differences

You’re not a real J.R.R Tolkien fan if you don’t get yourself one of the plants named after his characters, but beforehand, let’s compare Hobbit jade vs Gollum jade. 

Leaf Shape - The Hobbit jade plant has small spoon-shaped leaves with curls at the edges. The leaves can grow up to 2 inches. They have a deep green color. Light - Both plants need at least 4 hours of indirect sunlight, but the Hobbit jade can tolerate low light rooms. Temperature - The Gollum jade thrives in much warmer zones, 10 to 11.

Differences Between Hobbit Jade Vs Gollum Jade

Hobbit Jade Care Tips

Does The Gollum Jade Need Different Care - Caring for Hobbit jade vs Gollum jade is almost the same. The second one requires a slightly warmer environment, but they both benefit from drought and well-draining soil.  

Hobbit Plant As Bonsai

- Purchase a suitable bonsai pot that will support the fully grown tree. -  Bonsai is watered by soaking, so check the drainage holes. If they’re too wide, the soil might drain with each watering.  etc.

Hobbit jade vs Gollum jade, which one is more decorative? Surprisingly, both can flower! The plants can produce white to pale pink, five-petal flowers during winter.

Can The Gollum Jade Flower

There’s no greater artist than nature, and the Crassula ovata is living proof. It evolved into two similar plants with distinguishing leaves. While comparing Hobbit jade vs Gollum jade, it becomes clear why most people confuse them.


Hobbit Jade Vs Gollum Jade: 3 Unexpected Differences