How Big Do Peach Trees Get?

It is significant to find out how big do peach trees get before planting so you can know the exact place to grow them in your garden.

How Big Do Peach Trees Get?

Standard: 18 to 20 feet tall and wide Semi-dwarf: 8 to 12 feet tall and wide Dwarf: 5 to 6 feet tall and wide

During this time it will continue to produce a high yield with each harvest depending on the variety you planted. The yield per variety is as follows: Miniature variety ¼ to 1 bushel Dwarf variety: 1 to 3 bushels Standard variety: 3 to 6 bushels

Where Do Peaches Grow?

Peaches grow successfully across the world. China is the world’s leading producer of peaches. The United States holds the 5th position in producing these juicy fruits.

Freestone: a favorite to many gardeners. Elberta: Sizeable golden-yellow fruit blushed with red tones. Glohaven: produces large, bright, and yellow-colored peaches. Semi-Freestone: type is one of the most favored of the standard varieties of peaches. Clingstone:  late-season variety producing medium to large fruit.

Recommended Varieties

How Big Do Peach Trees Get?

Now that you know how big the peach trees get, it’s best to know the difference between peach and nectarine trees. Peach and nectarine trees are the same species – Prunus Persica.