How Deep Are Palm Tree Roots?

How deep are palm tree roots is one question most gardeners want to be answered before they plant this tree so they are sure where to grow it?

How Deep Are Palm Tree Roots?

Palm tree roots grow with a horizontal growth pattern up to a palm tree roots depth of 36 inches at the topsoil area.

* Palm Trees have long fronds, and trunks; their roots have a major role in keeping the other parts well-fed and moist. Here are some of the important functions of the palm tree roots. * Roots stabilize and anchor the long trunk of palm trees. *They absorb moisture from the soil around and keeps the tree well hydrated ...

Functions Of Palm Tree Roots

Palm tree at a fast rate of about 3-10 inches every year if the growing conditions are favorable. However, the roots do not grow as deep as one would expect for a tree reaching heights of about 100 feet.

How Do Palm Tree Roots Grow?

Roots Grow Horizontally

Instead of these roots growing straight down as most plants do, they grow horizontally and spread within the topsoil region.

The palm tree roots form a root ball that helps keep the large tree firm in the soil.

The Root Ball

The palm tree has roots that grow on top of the surface.  The area at the base of the trunk has actively growing cells and roots that are exposed above the ground.

Roots Exposed Above Ground

If you notice that the roots of your palm trees are invasive and pose a risk to structures nearby, removal may be necessary.

Removing Palm Tree Roots

The palm tree roots do not grow too deep in the soil; this makes it easy to remove them when you want.