How Deep To Plant Tulips Bulbs

Knowing how deep to plant tulip bulbs is an important step besides choosing the right location in establishing your tulips garden.

Where To Plant Your Bulbs

Plant your bulbs in an area that gets lots of sunshine during spring.  The soil should drain well so that the bulbs don’t get soggy.  

The required planting depth is based on the size of the bulb. The general recommendation for bulb planting is to dig a hole that is 3 times the height of the bulb.

How Deep Should You Plant Tulips Bulbs?

It has a ruler that measures and shows the exact measurements.  It is able to create a hole and then fill it up after planting. When you squeeze the sides, it releases the soil into a pile beside the hole.

Measuring The Tulip Planting Depth

To plant these bulbs, dig a small hole and loosen the soil at the base.  You can dig an extra 2-3 inches to loosen up the soil.  This will help with root growth.

How To Properly Plant Tulips Bulbs

How Deep To Plant Tulips Bulbs

If you plant your bulbs too shallow, they risk being discovered by squirrels or chipmunks.  They could also be vulnerable to dramatic changes in the weather that causes sudden thawing and freezing.