How Much Do Bees Cost

If the raised awareness of bee endangerment made you feel like beekeeping is your new calling, you probably wonder how much do bees cost. 

What You Need To Know About Keeping Bees

Before you jump on the idea, make sure to understand what you’re committing to. 

There are three reasons you’d want to start beekeeping: use them as pollinators, produce honey, or help preserve the bee population.

Why Do You Want To Try Beekeeping?

Your spot needs to suit the bees’ needs, be easily approachable for you, and be away from the public. 

Where Are You Going To Keep The Bees?

What’s The Law On Backyard Beekeeping

In the US, it’s legal to keep bees in almost all cities. However, you need to check your local laws and HOA for any updates before getting the bees. 

Beekeeping is not a high-maintenance hobby.  On the contrary, beekeeping is will take up merely two hours a week. 

Bees Won’t Cost You Time

The best beekeeping equipment is the one that suits your needs. What works for you might not work for other beekeepers and vice versa.

Picking Suitable Equipment

You probably didn’t see this problem coming. Bees can produce so much honey that you’d need to find placement ahead.

Honey Placement

Before getting honey bees, an essential thing to do is to check if you’re allergic to their sting. It’s rare, but you’ll need to make sure, especially if you’ve never been stung by a bee. 

The Health Cost Of Bees

How Much Do Beehives Cost

Beekeeping requires an initial investment of approximately $500 to $600.

Backyard beekeeping is a hobby that can bring you a small side income. It’s not as demanding and doesn’t require a huge upfront investment or putting in hours every day. 

Beekeeping: Hobby or Full-Time Job?

A single beehive can produce 20 to 60lb of honey per year.

Bees Cost vs. Return

Depending on the kind, bees cost anywhere from $125 to $165. Before buying, you’ll have to consider your location and ability to provide proper care. It’s not a time-consuming hobby, but and it’s gratifying.


How Much Do Bees Cost