How Much Sun Do Lilies Need?

How much sun do lilies need as they grow and how many times should I water them to ensure the sun does not dry them out and kill them.

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Why Grow Lilies?

How Much Sun Do Lilies Need?

Lilies need sun a good amount of sun to thrive.  A single mature lily plant can produce dozens of flowers during the summer. The flowers need to open in direct sunlight or in partial shade.

- Sow your bulbs in fall or spring immediately after planting. - Use organically-rich soil with a neutral to slightly acidic pH of 6.0 to 6.5. - Lilies do best in full to partial sun, but some prefer light shade – like the Martagon hybrids and some North American species.

Successfully Growing Your Lillies Under Sun


Plant your bulbs 4 to 6 inches deep. Still, even if you miss it, they have contractile roots that pull bulbs down to their proper depth. Therefore, you would rather plant them too shallow than too deep.

How Much Sun Do Lilies Need?

As much as lilies require plenty of suns when growing, they also need a period of cold winter dormancy and do not grow well in areas with warm winters.