How Much Sun Do Morning Glories Need

Have you ever wanted to have a vintage arch in your garden covered with bedazzling morning glories but didn’t know how much sun do morning glories need?

Morning Glory Flower – What’s So Special About It?

Morning glories have trumpet-shaped flowers that open first thing in the morning and close in the afternoon. 

Morning glory is a fast grower but not an aggressive one. It’s most commonly confused with bindweed, which comes with white, purple, and blue flowers. 

Common Confusion With Bindweed

Morning glories need average, well-balanced soil, not too wet and not too dry. The area needs to be protected from strong winds. 

Where To Plant Morning Glories

Do Morning Glories Need Full Sun?

Morning glories require full sun to grow and develop correctly. They open their blooms with the first sun rays in the morning and close as soon as the sun starts setting.

You must position the morning glory in an area of your garden that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight. It’s best to be an open area, without any tree shadows over the morning glories.

Morning Glory Light Requirements

To understand what full sun means, it’s best to inspect your garden first. Eyeball, which garden area is completely exposed to the sun – no trees, no powerlines, no tall fences or walls nearby. Monitor when the sun lights out the site and when it sets.

What Does Full Sun Mean

Some types of morning glory can be easily grown in pots, containers, and even hanging baskets. For example, the Heavenly Blue, Star of Yelta, and Scalet O’Hara all grow no more than 15feet long.

Potted Morning Glory Sun Exposure

After a few summers, many gardeners struggle with removing all morning glory vines from the garden. 

Is Growing Morning Glories in Container Better?

There are several legends tied to this mystical plant. The ancient Mexicans used some species of the plant for its hallucinogenic properties. 

Legends About The Morning Glory

Morning glories need full sun, optimally over 6 hours a day. Position the plant in an area that’s not shaded and has average soil. They need the sun to feed and thrive. The blooms open with the first sunrays in the morning, so planting them in the shade will kill the plant.


How Much Sun Do Morning Glories Need