How Much Sun Does Lantana Need?

How much sun does lantana need is a question that most gardeners fumble with trying to find the right growing conditions?

The Zones to Grow it. In the United States, lantana does well in the USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 7 and above. In the cooler regions, it is an annual plant while in the warmer regions it can bloom all year round. Soil. Lantana thrives in well-drained moist soil that is a little acidic. Excellent drainage is critical to lantana because it cannot survive wet roots. 

Understanding How Much Sun Does Lantana need and other Growing Conditions

Timing. Plant lantana in the fall so you can enjoy the colorful blooms late into the winter months. If you plant them at the right time, you will have them ready in the early spring. Once they have flowered, the bloom will last at least into early fall. Mulch heavily during winter months to keep the plant from dying.

Lantana thrives in bright sunlight for at least 6 hours a day. This helps the plant maintain its’ profuse flowers and cause them to bloom. Although lantana loves the sun and grows in full sun, it appreciates some afternoon shade.

Does Lantana need Full Sun?

Leaves: The leaves are one of the first indicators of poor plant health. Changes in color or spots are signs of an infestation that should be treated fast. Blooms: They have a magical ability to change their bloom color s the season progresses. A yellow flower can morph into an orange or reddish bloom as it progresses and the season changes.

Lantana Plants Care

Trimming: Lantanas growing both indoors and outdoors love it when you trim them. Outdoor lantanas should get their trim during the spring. Fertilizing: Although it’s not a must, some gardeners prefer to fertilize their lantana plants. Ensure you use a balanced fertilizer of about 10-10-10 and be careful not to overdo it.

How Much Sun Does Lantana Need?

Gardeners enjoy growing lantana because it’s a relatively easy plant to grow. It's wide variety of blooming colors are a sight to behold and a great addition to flower vases in homes.