How Much Water Does Lavender Need

Have you ever wondered how often to water lavender because of how fast it dies from under or overwatering?

When Does Lavander Bloom?

Lavender offers many varieties and has a vast selection of bloom times, flower forms, colors, and sizes.

Lavender requires a good amount of water to promote root growth.  But if you underdo or overdo it, you will end up with dead plants.

How Much Water Does Lavender Need?

All lavender varieties require well-drained soils, especially during the winter months.

Planting And Pruning Lavender

Lavender Varieties

Lavender is commonly grouped into 4 classes and has a vast of hybrids that have been cultivated for specific growing conditions and climates all around the world. The 4 classes include

If you choose to grow lavender indoors in pots or are bringing them inside to protect them from frost, it is possible but will need some good amount of care.  The care tips include:

Lavender Growing Conditions Indoors Plus The Amount Of Water Needed

It’s your turn to grow your own lavender! Lavender is beautiful and low-maintenance. It is easy to grow for anyone who wants to do so.