How Often Do You Water A Peace Lily?

Peace lilies have long been a staple of indoor gardeners, so much so that many call this beautiful white flower the ‘closet plant.’ Unlike many other blooms, the peace lily is well-suited to the typical indoor environment, thriving with little sunlight, a moderate to high temperature, and watering on a weekly basis.

How Often Do You Water a Peace Lily?

It is easy to tell when to water a peace lily. Unlike other plants, the peace lily will let the gardener know when it wants a drink because the leaves will begin to droop from a lack of moisture. This occurs at least once a week.

Although they are called peace lilies, these flowers actually aren’t real members of the same scientific family. Instead, they just resemble the flowers and are easy to grow. They are a member of the Araceae family and therefore have some differences, including high toxicity for domestic animals like dogs and cats.

How the Peace Lily Differs from Other Lilies

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) lists the peace lily as one of the most toxic houseplants for dogs and cats. It’s important to keep pets away from any peace lilies that are grown indoors, as they are not regular lilies and can cause a variety of concerning symptoms like vomiting, difficulty swallowing, oral irritation, and burning of the mouth, lips, and tongue.

Are Peace Lilies Poisonous?

How to Care for on a Regular Basis

This flower requires a light, partial shade and appears unaffected by fluorescent lights, making it excellent for indoor growth. It is easy to tell when a peace lily has been overexposed to light, as the leaves start to yellow and brown. Try to keep each plant 6 to 8 ft. away from a window at all times.

How Often Do You Water A Peace Lily?

Remember to adjust the environment as necessary, pay attention to where you place the plant, and water as needed or on a weekly basis to get the best results.