How Tall Do Pole Beans Grow

When working with limited garden space, compact vegetables like beans are your best option, but how tall do pole beans grow? 

Pole Beans – What Are They?

Pole beans are essentially varieties of green beans that grow relatively tall. As a result, they’re ideal for more extensive gardens and gardeners who want bigger yields.

Pole beans seeds need to be sowed into the ground after the last frost when temperatures rise between 50 and 60°F. They need rich, well-draining, slightly moist soil with a pH value of around 6. A sunny spot is the best choice as the beans require at least 8 hours of sunlight each day.

Best Place To Grow Pole Beans

What Beans Are More Compact?

Bush beans are better for smaller gardens as they grow in bunches and don’t need additional support.

Bush beans need rich soil, so it’s best to work in some compost or aged manure into it before sowing. You can soak the seeds 24 hours before planting to speed up germination. Plant each plant 6 inches apart and leave 18 inches distance between each row.

How To Grow Bush Beans

Bush beans grow up to 2 feet tall. But this is the case when you provide the optimal conditions. If you decide to start the beans inside, they tend to grow taller.

How Tall Do Bush Beans Grow?

Bush beans originate from pole beans, so there’s a tendency for them to lookalike. 

Can You Control The Bush Beans Height?

You don’t need to provide any support for bush beans. They grow compact, sturdy, and don’t need any frame or trellis. There’s little chance of the plant tumbling.

Do Bush Beans Need Trellis?

Pole beans are significantly taller, with 10 feet more than bush beans. But they’re closely connected, as bush beans are developed from pole beans. 

Pole Bean Vs Bush Bean Height

Pole and bush are growing styles, not varieties of beans. So to determine which tastes better, you have to compare a variety of bush beans to a variety of pole beans. There are tasty and not-so-tasty varieties in both styles.

When It Comes To Taste, Which Is Better?

Pole beans are several bean varieties that tend to grow extremely tall, reaching 12 feet. They’re best grown in spacious gardens with trellis or frames provided for support. Pole beans produce several big yields throughout the season but take a lot of time to mature.


How Tall Do Pole Beans Grow