How to Care for Cala Lilies 

The Cala Lily is native to South Africa and finds its habitats in the Marshy swamps of the African nation. It isn’t typically a lily but displays some qualities of the lily family.

How to Care for these Beautiful Flowers Called Cala Lilies

You can take care of your precious Cala lilies in the following ways:

Your Cala lilies are natives to swamps, this means their nature is one that deserves consistent moisture. Make them thirsty and you risk their existence. Water consistently and you know the thumb rule with watering- water but don’t drown the plants. 

1. Sufficient Moisture

The best way to fertilize this plant which as you’ll soon realize will save you valuable time is to mix the water you intend moisturizing the plant alongside a liquid fertilizer. So you see how you can do two jobs at the same time efficiently. 

2. Fertilize Them

3. Watch for the Climate change

Autumn is when Callas prefer to thrive luxuriantly. At this season, their temperatures should be limited within 50 to 60F. When they start growing rapidly, they demand warmer temperatures but when they start flowering, you can introduce a partial shade to them. 

This should be the easiest way of attending to your Cala lilies. Trimming gives way for more blooming and production of beautiful flowers. That’s common knowledge. Here you trim by just cutting off the yellow leaves and some of the blossoms that have faded. 

4. Trim Them

The Cala lilies aren’t prone to disease infection and pest attacks. This doesn’t mean you should not be wary of this entirely. Most times your environment can be plagued with pest and that would affect every vegetation around it. 

5. Pest and Disease Control

How to Care for Cala Lilies 

Cala lilies demand care and attention. All that beauty needs to be attended to and that’s what you should never relent in doing. Their leaves won’t die off if you touch them contrary to some beliefs.