How to Fix First Set of True Leaves from Turning Yellow

Fixing your first set of true leaves from turning yellow can be a difficult task especially if you don’t have much gardening experience. You don’t have to worry anymore; we are here to help you.

Seedling Leaves Turning Yellow

If you notice that the first sets of true leaves of your seedlings are turning yellow, the first thing you should do is determine which of the seedlings are turning yellow. 

If you notice that the leaves that are bleaching out are the larger, more mature leaves, then you’ve got yourself a problem. In most cases, your plants appear yellowish due to a deficiency factor.

Why Your Plant Seedlings Are Turning Yellow

Your plants will begin to appear yellow if it doesn’t get enough light.

Lacks Enough Light

Plants also need enough water to grow and develop healthy roots and leaves. Your leaves will also appear yellow if they are thirsty.

Not Enough Water

Too much water in the plant-soil can also lead to yellow leaves. This is what is referred to as overwatering.

Too Much Water

Another reason why your plant leaves are turning yellow is because of too much fertilizer application. Seedlings don’t need fertilizers in this stage of their lives.

Fertilizer Application

Now that you know some of the reasons why your plant leaves are turning yellow, we can now discuss how to remedy the situation. You can read all about how to fix the first set of true leaves from turning yellow below ...

How to Fix First Set of True Leaves from Turning Yellow

When you notice you have been overwatering too much, you will need to salvage the plant by not watering much. You will need to do a few things to save the plant. They include:  -Stop watering your plant immediately and improve the drainage. -When you water again increase water intervals ...

How do you fix Overwatered seedlings?


Seedlings should always be kept moist but not wet. They should never be allowed to dry out completely. It is important to water your seedlings at least once per day. 

How often should you water your seedlings?

Leggy seedlings are those that have grown too close together.

Why are my seedlings leggy?

There are several reasons why your seedlings grow slowly. Here are some of them and a solution on how to fix it.

Why are my seedlings growing slow?

Cold room temperature. Seeding growth can grow slowly if the room is too cold. If the temperature is below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, then try keeping seedlings warm with a room heater or a heat mat.

Lack of enough light. Inadequate lighting is another thinking that slows the seeding growth. It’s best to keep your plants near a window that receives a good amount of sunlight. Or get some glow lights to give them

Lack of nutrients. Good nutrition is important for growing seedlings.

Inadequate watering. Over or under-watering can cause seedlings to grow much slower. Keeping the soil moist evenly at all times is important for seed growth.rowing seedlings.

Droopy seedlings with curling leaves are indications that something is very wrong. Spider mites, under watering, and fertilizer burn are 3 main culprits. These 3 kill the seedling fast.

Why are my seedling leaves curling or drooping and how to fix it?

You can fix the first sets of true leaves from turning yellow by applying the preventive measures above. If you take proper care of your plants and garden, chances are that you won’t encounter any form of discoloration whatsoever.