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How To Fix Ponytail Palm Brown Tips

Most plant owners have at least once faced the problem of ponytail palm with brown tips, a common occurrence with ponytail palms. Luckily, this problem isn’t too difficult to solve and you can still save your plant. It’s important, however, to know how to prevent this problem, as well as knowing how to solve it!

Ponytail Palm Brown Leaves

Developing brown leaves is one of the most common issues with ponytail palms! This usually means that you have left your plant without water for too long!

1. Determining The Level Of Dehydration 2.1. Fixing A Minor Dehydration 2.2. Fixing A Major Dehydration

Fixing Your Underwatered Ponytail Palm

Watering Ponytail palms need to dry out almost completely before watering, but they shouldn’t dehydrate! It’s best to water it once every two weeks, and you can even give it a few more days if you notice that it’s still not dry! Placement It’s also important to keep placement in mind. Since this plant originated in eastern Mexico, it’s natural that it needs a lot of sunlight. The minimum requirement is 3-4 hours a day.

Ponytail Palm Care

Potting And Fertilization Since these plants are slow growers, you shouldn’t be bothered by growth. You don’t need to fertilize it more than once a month from spring to fall. Using organic houseplant fertilizer is just fine for these plants.

Ponytail Palm Care

To sum up, brown leaves on your ponytail palm are most likely the result of dehydration. Make sure to cut off the brown leaves and rehydrate your plant.


How To Fix Ponytail Palm Brown Tips