How To Get Rid Of Dallisgrass - Easy Methods

Dallisgrass is perennial; therefore they will always come back every season. There are only a couple of things you can do to get rid of these stubborn weeds, so let’s talk about it.

Tips on How to Getting Rid of Dallisgrass

Getting rid of dallisgrass may seem unachievable, especially if you do not eliminate them the right way, but not too worry. We will be teaching you some strategies and tricks on how to fight these stubborn weeds.

Below are some of the tips to eliminating dallisgrass: * Dig out the root * Mulching * Mowing

Physical control

The chemical method of getting rid of dallisgrass is by pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides treatments. Pre-emergent Treatment: pre-emergent treatment involves the use of ... Post-emergent Treatment: post-emergent treatment involves the use of ...

Chemical Method - Dallisgrass Killer

Boiling water- Dallisgrass Control

You can try using boiling water to get rid of dallisgrass. Apply boiling water to the root of the weed. Do this with 3 to 4 attempts till you get a successful result.

If you have Bermuda grass in your lawn, you can act on the dallisgrass when Bermuda goes dormant. You can spray some roundup on the growing dallisgrass without affecting dormant Bermuda.

How to Get Rid of Dallisgrass in a Bermuda Lawn

How To Get Rid Of Dallisgrass - Easy Methods


Once you notice just a plant of dallisgrass, that’s the time to act fast. They can grow and spread so dangerously that it will be frustrating and difficult to control.