How To Get Rid Of Rust Fungus – An Overview

Plant rust is a general term used to describe a large family of fungi that attacks plants. Do you know how to get rid of rust fungus?

What Is Rust Fungus?

Rust fungus is a group of fungal diseases that affect the top part of a plant. 

Rust spot is a disease caused by a fungal parasite that spreads through the host plant destroying its cells.

What Causes Rust Spots On Leaves?

Rust fungi are easy to identify on the plant.  Here are some signs to look out for: The appearance of pale leaf spots eventually turns into spore-producing structures called pustules ...

Symptoms Of Plant Rust

Once you notice your plants are infected with rust, it’s best to treat them as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Here is how you can treat the rust fungus: ...

Rust Fungus Treatment

How To Prevent Rust Fungus

As a gardener, you know the best way is to prevent instead of treat.  We will not sit back and wait for the rust fungus to find its way into our gardens when we can prevent it from happening.  

When buying plants, be careful you don’t buy any that has signs of rust fungus. Look at the plants closely and ensure there are no signs at all. 

Do Not Introduce It To Your Garden

Plant rust-resistant flowers to ensure rust does not affect your garden.  Also, you can plant hybridizers are working hard to develop new varieties of rust-resistant plants.

Plant Rust-Resistant Varieties Among Your Crops

Stop watering from overhead so that the water does not splash onto the foliage.

Water Your Plants Only At The Roots

Mulch is good to keep the soil moist, so you need to water less often. 

Use Mulch To Cover Your Soil

Sometimes, when we run out of space, we can squeeze in plants to create room for more.

Space Your Plants Properly

Use a homemade organic or store-bought fungicide to cut off the spread of this fungal disease.

Use A Preventive Fungicide To Get Rid Of Rust Fungus

During the fall season, remove all dead plant material from the garden so that the spores have no place to overwinter and re-infect your garden in the spring.

Clean Up Your Garden During The Fall Season

It is best to use organic fungicides to get rid of rust fungus because it does not leave your garden with any chemical residues.


How To Get Rid Of Rust Fungus – An Overview