How To Grow and Take Good Care Of a String of Hearts Plant

The ceropegia woodii is a gorgeous hanging succulent plant known as a rosary vine or chain of hearts. It is frequently spotted tumbling off the bookshelves on Instagram.

What is String of Hearts?

The String of hearts (Ceropegia woodii) is a South African evergreen vine. Though they commonly refer to them as a succulent, it is not one.

You’ll need to know where the String of hearts will grow best before you can learn how to care for them. They can thrive for many years if they choose the correct location.

How to Grow a String of Hearts?

The hardiness of Ceropegia woodii

Rosary vines are often grown as indoor plants because they are only hardy in zones 11 and higher. They cannot survive temperatures below 40°F, and frost will kill them quickly.

If you have the opportunity to cultivate a rosary vine outside all year, place it in a moderately shaded spot that only receives sunshine in the morning or evening.

Where to Grow Rosary Vine

– A healthy Ceropegia woodii plant rarely has pest problems. But, aphids and mealybugs might cause problems on occasion. – We can use a natural insecticide or an artificial insecticide.

Pest Control Tips

Now that you’ve learned everything about String of hearts care, you’re ready to add one of these lovely plants to your collection.


How To Grow and Take Good Care Of a String of Hearts Plant