How To Grow Crown Of Thorns Plant Outdoors

Did you know you can grow crown of thorns plant outdoors?  With proper care and the right growing conditions, this flower will thrive.

Crown Of Thorns Varieties

Crown of thorns has different varieties that will help you make your choices with ease. You can find them at the local nurseries or buy them and have them mailed to you.

So can crown of thorns be planted outside?  Yes, this flower can do well outdoors,  same as indoors; however, you need to provide it with proper growing ...

Growing Crown Of Thorns Plant Outdoors


Choose a sunny location that has enough wind.  If growing it in a pot, locate it near the southern or western window where it receives partial to full sunlight and good air circulation ...

The soil for your garden should be light and drains well.  A succulent or cactus soil mix of gritty and light texture is what you should have in mind.  Although this plant can grow in poor ...


Just like most flowering plants, the better the sun exposure, the more flowers you get.  However, a crown of thorns will bloom as long as you provide it with at least 3 to 4 hours of sunlight ...


Crown of thorns is a beautiful plant that can give you a bloom of beautiful flowers each year.  You only need to provide it with enough love and care.


How To Grow Crown Of Thorns Plant Outdoors