How to Keep a Healthy Lawn in Hot Weather

A good looking lawn with lush leaves is highly attractive and goes a long way in improving the aesthetics of your home. It can also improve the resale value and it is equally good for the environment. Keeping a healthy lawn isn’t at all stressful.

1. You Need to Keep Off the New Lawn

You should avoid walking on new turf during the first few weeks after installing them. Ideally, you should keep off the lawn totally for the first 6 months or until it has grown to 4 inches and above then you can decide ...

The secret to healthy-looking grass in front of your home is to water it daily especially after installing a new lawn. The best time to water your lawn in hot weather is in the morning and you need to water heavily to avoid drying up in the soil.

2. Water Your New Lawn Daily

How to Keep a Healthy Lawn in Hot Weather

Keeping a healthy-looking lawn requires a little bit of work and dedication, especially during hot summer period when the ground needs to be watered daily during the first few months.