How To Keep Raccoons Out Of The Garden

Raccoons are nocturnal animals increasing daily; that’s why many are looking for how to keep raccoons out of the garden easily.

Here are signs to look out for and know if you have raccoons in gardens or yards: -Garbage cans fallen, opened and trash scattered all around -Holes in your mulch and lawn -Missing fish from a water fountain or garden ...

Signs That Raccoons Are Visiting Your Garden Or Yard

Keeping Raccoons Out Of The Garden

If you are trying to keep raccoons out of the garden or lawn, you will notice they display a certain degree of persistence and ingenuity that is alarming.

Raccoons are attracted to trash and can’t resist them no matter what.  Therefore, you will need multiple strategies to curb them from your trashcans.

Safeguard Your Trashcans

Remove All Foods From Their Access

Gather all fallen fruits, don’t allow overripe fruits to continue sitting on the trees or the ground, remove all grown vegetables from the garden, etc.

Pet food should also be kept away from these animals. Raccoons love pet food of all kinds, so never leave it out overnight.

What About Pet Food?

Like many destructive animals, raccoons love lawns and yards with places they can easily hide.   Clear your lawn, remove brush, mow your grass and prune overgrown shrubs.

Clean Up

After securing your trashcans and cleaning up. If these animals still show up, get ready to scare their hearts out of them. 

Scare And Scuttle Them

Use Repellants To Deter Them

You can also use raccoon’s repellants to deter these animals. 

If all else fails, fence your garden.  Remember that raccoons are good climbers, too, so make your fence electrified.

Fence Your Garden

One of the most effective ways to deter raccoons is not to give them a reason to visit your home.  Raccoons are always out hunting for food to eat, and keeping them away starts with taking away the food.