How To Kill Gnats In The Soil 

Do you know how to kill gnats in the soil or do they keep annoying you repeatedly and destroying your houseplants?

How To Identify And Kill Gnats In The Soil

The adult fungus gnats are delicate, grayish-black, mosquito-like flies that measure about 1/8 inch long.  They have long legs and one pair of clear wings.

No, fungus gnats do not kill your houseplants. These pests are a nuisance because they fly around the house but rarely destroy your plants. Sometimes, if the infestation is heavy, they may cause root damage but in most cases, fungus gnats will only eat rotting roots.

Do Gnats Kill Plants And Soil?

Fungus gnats adults have a lifecycle of about a week.  They lay up to 300 eggs in rich, moist soils and within 4 to 6 days, tiny larvae emerge.  They begin feeding on fungi, plant roots, or organic compost during their 2 week period.

Where Do Fungus Gnats Come From?

Severe Infestation Damage

- Sudden wilting - Yellowing - Loss of vigor - Poor growth - Loss or death of the plant

Inspect your plants thoroughly before purchasing for any signs of insect pests. Carefully turn up soil near the base of the plant looking for the glossy, clear larvae.  Do not buy any plant that has any signs of these gnats.

How To Get Rid Of Fungus Gnats In The Soil

How To Kill Gnats In The Soil 

It is easy to kill gnats in the soil using organic solutions that will not harm your plants or pets and is not toxic to your house environment. Go ahead, choose your favorite solutions, and eliminate these fungus gnats for good!