How To Make A Hydroseeder / The Truth

Hydroseeding is an excellent way to revegetate large areas of soil. Typically, this is done on a large scale by operators using expensive machinery.

A Note On MacGuyvering Things Together

This guy always used to be able to cobble a plan together with a few pieces of wire and some things that were available so that he could make an escape.

Hydroseeding refers to the process of creating a slurry of seeds together with various agents which help to ensure the even distribution of the seeds

What Is Hydroseeding?

Is Hydroseeding The Same As Hydromulching?

The two are very similar except that hydro mulching does not include seeds, whereas hydroseeding does.

I had a section of my garden that I needed to vegetate in a hurry. I had never heard of hydroseeding until I started a wind farm in my town.

Making A Home Hydroseeder The Sneaky Way

If you are only going to hydroseed a small area there is no logical reason to build a hydroseeding rig. It is expensive and just takes a lot of time.

Using A Prawn/Shrimp Pump As A Home Hydroseeder

Once you have filled the bucket you literally use the prawn pump to just suck the slurry up and slosh it onto the surface you wish to coat. 


How To Make A Hydroseeder / The Truth